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My name is Vivien. I am intrested include sports, specifically running,
strengthening, painting energetic images and writing articles on
spirituality, tantric philosophy. I'm learning Greek language. For more
than 10 years I have been working on alternative and holistic methods that
solve the real cause of the disease. Every day I meditate and devote
myself to self-development on the way to a deeper knowledge of healing
techniques, self-reflection and creating a harmonious space for myself and

I work with crystals and energy pathways in the body to stir up life
energy in conjunction with the tantric philosophy of the masculine and
feminine principle of opening up to the new power of experiencing the
present moment for relaxation and magical experience through uniqueness
and originality in us. In massages I use healing hands of light, love,
kindness, peace, calm, balance and harmony of male and female energy.

During therapies, I work with breathing techniques through inhaling and
exhaling in connection and connection to a deeper experience.


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